Dog Training With A Purpose

Dogs, much like people, need exercise, love, and purpose in addition to the basic needs of food, water, and shelter.

Dogs can get these needs met by some careful and consistent training by their owners.

Dogs, in particular, benefit from regular exercise and some of the game-like tasks that are a part of dog training.

Each time your dog attempts a task, you have a chance to reward him for just trying to do the task.

As he gets closer to completing it, the rewards are more enthusiastic.

Dogs only want to please their owner, so not only are they rewarded by a treat or something external, they are happy they made you happy!

Start simply with commands such as “sit” and “down”.

These are fairly common natural positions for dogs, so you can reward when your dog naturally sits.

Say “sit” and reward, so your dog gets the idea.

The “down” command can be approached in a similar fashion.

Soon your dog will know what you want every time.

As your dog learns simple tasks and can successfully repeat them many times, you can add more complex tasks.

Repeat and practice these tasks often.

Your dog will be pleased to perform for you.

You will get satisfaction from teaching your dog how to have fun without being destructive.

By learning and practicing dog training skills, you will be enhancing your life and the life of your dog.

Your dog will look forward to the routine of training and you can make it a special part of your day, rewarding both you and your dog.

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